Mushroom O is a collection of hand finished 3 vessels using the contrast between ceramics and oak. Console O, launched in 2012 is the stepping stone for Mushroom O series. The prototype of the base vessel was handmade and studied with Sun Kim. Two other multi-functional vessels were added through proportion and scalar studies.

Mushroom O is inspired by the natural and organic beauty of Korean traditional architecture and craft. The subtle imperfections that occur in slip cast ceramics are culminated by putting the oak top that slips and rotates rather than fitting tightly. The overhanging mushroom-like eaves are designed to be easily held in one hand with or without the lid. Whilst the design pays homage to Korean architecture and a traditional storage pot called “hangari” in Korean, the ceramics are made in Stoke-on-Trent and the oak lids in Kidderminster to marry the two cultural sensibilities of the design studio.

Photography: Guy Archard

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