Name of Studio
JiB is a device used in cinematography to enable the camera to capture visuals not reachable by hand. JiBdesign studio employs architectural discourse as an agency to extend the outer realm.JiB / 집 in Hangul (Korean), means home / house.

Studio Profile
JiB design studio works on a broad range of project types and scales ranging from architectural projects to furniture, products, curating and exhibition design.The ethos of the London based studio is to operate at different scales of spatial design and exploration with a design approach deeply rooted in the discourse of architecture. Composition, proportion, materiality and relationship to context are important elements in creating timeless works.

Je-Uk Kim studied Master of Architecture at the University of Michigan. Since graduating he has worked at architectural practices in New York, Copenhagen and London on projects of varying scales and programmes, subsequently founding JiB design studio in 2012.
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