The O range has sunken top surfaces to store objects within the form of the furniture. The organic ceramic vessel modules balances the rigid geometry of the lower body also acting as a bridge between the ‘artificial’ white lacquered and ‘natural’ oak surfaces. These ceramic pieces are hand crafted by a celebrated ceramicist, Sun Kim as a collaboration endeavour. The specially designed ceramic pieces can be used as planters, containers to hold objects, and as pure decoration in itself. The furniture is hand crafted in a workshop in Britain.

Credenza O is experienced differently from varying viewpoints. A standing person may read the circular ceramic modules as a pattern. However, for a child, or a seated person, the aperture in the front elevation allows a different view of the ceramic vessels, and the eye is drawn into the void that they occupy.

Awarded a Design Guild Mark in 2013. The credenza is made to order.

Photography: Michael Harvey

Reversing the ceramic vessels reveals a surprise design element.


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